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Shark Tale (2004): After the logo is finished, we fade into a closer shot of the fishing boy, who starts to swing the hook. As he does, it cuts to an earthworm tied on the hook. The hook swings out, sending the worm shrieking until it hits an ocean, segueing into the opening scene.
Shrek the Third (2007): The normal logo animates as usual. After it forms, more clouds comes in from the bottom. The camera pans down to the opening scene as storm clouds cover up the logo. This variation is also used for the home entertainment logo, but fades out earlier before more clouds comes in.

Bee Movie (2007): The logo starts as normal, with the boy rising past the clouds toward the moon holding balloons. Suddenly, Barry B. Benson approaches and zooms around him as the boy tries to swat him away. The boy loses hold of the balloons and falls bumping against the moon on his way down to the ground. The bee reclines in the crook of the moon, before the text fades in. The boy's voice is also revealed in this variant.

Kung Fu Panda (2008): The logo starts out with an animal wearing a hat climbing up houses and clouds until he reaches the moon. He sits on the moon and takes out a fishing rod, which he uses to pull up the already-formed text. When the text and the moon collide, the moon bounces up and the animal & moon dissolves into the gold texture. The music is an Asian-styled version of the logo's theme. The moon & the text fades out and the opening titles take place. The "DreamWorks Animation" credit fades in the same font & texture as the following variant, as the opening theme starts playing. The light of the sun glows in behind and transitions into the opening sequence beginning with the opening title.
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (2008):After the text fades in, one of the penguin's flippers (That is actually Skipper) peaks in behind the fishing boy and hits him with his "Flipper of Death" to be down, causing the music to abruptly stop, and Skipper drags him behind the moon while the downed boy exclaims "Hey!" as the text fades out. A fight is heard offscreen. Skipper, Private, Kowalski and Rico comes in while he picks up the boy's fishing rod and said "Well done boys." As he reeling in the fish he also said "Looks like ice cold sushi for breakfast." His crew gives them high-five, and the camera then pans down from the moon to Africa where the opening takes place.
Secrets of the Furious Five (2008, Opening): Same as theKung Fu Panda variant, but it fades in just before the animal starts climbing. After the opening credit appear, the opening theme starts warming up fast and cuts to the opening.
Monsters vs. Aliens (2009):This is the last film to use the 2004-2009 logo. The logo is in black and white. After the text fades in, aUFO hovers in from the right and rests above the moon. The bottom door opens up, causing the music to wind down slowly and the boy to say "Hmm? Ahhh!" while getting abducted. The UFO closes its door and flies away to the background. The 16mm film starts to wind up and starts burning, with the record scratch is heard at one point, revealing outer space where the beginning of the opening takes place.
How to Train Your Dragon (2010): The first movie to use the 2010 logo. Toothlesscan be flying in the bottom-left of the sky at one point before the letters flies in. After it completes, it becomes a reflection in the water which fades out while the camera flies forward and turns up through the fog into the island of Berk.

Megamind (2010): The logo plays as usual, although there are no clouds after the boy throws them out with the hook. When it finishes, a sun casts over it as the logo turns black, which is shown on the opening scene of the film.

Scared Shrekless (2010) and The Pig Who Cried Werewolf (2011): Theboy gets scared and jumps behind the moon, dropping his fishing rod. A few seconds later, he peeks out from behind the moon.
Megamind: The Button of Doom (2011): The 2010 logo plays as usual, but towards the end, it glitches, turns blue and dissolves to the short's opening title.
Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011):The logo starts out over a row of houses. Several flower petals from a couple of peach trees are blown up to the sky, where the moon is residing. The flower petals then form the spirit of Master Oogway, who brings up the rest of the logo from below with a fishing rod (similar to the logo variant from the first film). The logo is also in the style of animation used in the beginning of the movie, just like in the first film.
Book of Dragons (2011): The 2010 logo plays normally, but towards the middle, it turns into a page from an old book. After it's formed, a dragon comes in and breathes fire, segueing to the beginning.
Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted (2012):The logo animates as usual as it takes place in near sunset cloudy atmosphere in Africa (Where the movie's prologue takes place) and the camera pans down when it completed.
Rise of the Guardians (2012):The entire logo is reanimated and forms differently. It's snowing, the boy is replaced by Jack Frost and when it's complete, the text freezes and dissolves into snow.
The Croods (2013): We start off with a torch being lit. Then, three flaming embers fly out of the torch with one floating around a cave wall revealing some prehistoric cavern paintings, and to the usual DreamWorks Animation logo as a painting on the wall. Then, a gust of wind transitions to the beginning.
Turbo (2013):It takes place in a near sunset cloudy atmosphere, when it completes, the camera pans down through the clouds into the Indianapolis Speedway's Indy 500 annual race, where the opening (Recorded on the VCR) takes place.
Mr. Peabody and Sherman (2014): The logo plays as usual, with the boy replaced by Sherman. The moon is tinted white, and the text is in a shade of dark violet. It then pans down to New York City, where the movie begins.
Almost Home (2014): The logo is already completed, the letters go away, as the background fades out to space and the moon turns into a planet.
How To Train Your Dragon 2 (2014): Just like in the first film, the logo turns into a reflection in the water with the clouds fading out, as a dragon makes it disappear while it passes by.
Rocky and Bullwinkle (2014): The logo is animated in the style of the original show, Rocky is replacing the boy in the moon, as he moves his fishing rod, we see that he fished Bullwinkle.
Penguins of Madagascar (2014):As part of the opening shot of the prologue scene, we start with an iceberg, as the iceberg calves, we see the print version of the logo, then, the part with the moon calves again, as we see four stacking penguins (The silhouette of the title characters) sitting on the moon with one penguin holding the fishing rod.
Home (2015): The logo is already formed. After a few seconds, a blue tube drops down at the top and sucks the boy, causing the fishing rod to spin in mid-air. One of the Boov drops down as the place of the boy, the blue tube rises up quickly, and a Boov catches the fishing rod, causing the line, "Animation SKG" and the "TM" symbol to fade out. As the camera zooms forward to the fishing Boov, the letters of "DreamWorks" fly away. The fishing Boov fades out and the ship flies slowly around the moon as the camera goes inside through one of the lights to the opening.
Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016): The logo starts with Po running up a mountain with stairs, and getting increasingly tired while doing so. When he reaches the top, he says "Okay, guys, just start without me", but then flops onto the moon next to the mountain's summit, gets comfortable and pulls out a fishing rod to bring up the rest of the logo (like the variants for the first two films). Then, the logo then turns into several petals, to the spirit realm where the prologue takes place.
Trolls (2016): The logo's music is sung in acapella by a group of trolls. It also animates in warp-speed. Before the line and "Animation SKG" fade in, a dark blue patch with stars fills the screen. It pops out, made like a scrapbook (One of Poppy's favorite hobbies). The letters of "DREAMWORKS" flies in differently, jiggles a bit and suddenly connects itself causing the line & "Animation SKG" to appear underneath it. A blue troll hair appears on the boy. It rolls up to scrapbook opening.
The Boss Baby (2017):We fade from black to reveal a sky background resembling that from the DreamWorks Pictures logo. A music box version of the normal theme is heard, with an orchestrated swell at the end. The camera zooms out from one of the four metallic "Boy on the Moon" shapes revealing more metallic shapes like stars (Two different designs), two pacifiers and a feeding bottle. It revealed that the shapes is on the strings and moves like a baby mobile. As the it zooms out, the top part of the mobile is revealed, which has dark & light blue stripes and the corporate text on it, which rotates to show the text and the shapes stop moving. Afterwards, the camera pans down as the clouds change color, segueing into the opening scene.
Trolls: World Tour (2020): After a short sequence celebrating DreamWorks’ 25th Anniversary (with clips from lots of DreamWorks movies), a black patch rolls in from the left. Then a crescent drops in, as the letters "DREAMWORKS" (in multiple textures) fly in and the orange Comcast byline sews in. A troll then drops in to the crescent (Which actually looks like Barb) as clouds rise up and the starry sky appears piece-by-piece, thus forming a scrapbook version of the current DreamWorks logo. To represent that rock music is the music-genre antagonist, a three-pointed red hair drops in on top of it, followed by an electric guitar. The troll plays the guitar while scatting to it. A page then flips to the film's prologue.
The Croods: A New Age (2020): Similar to the first film, Belt can be seen holding a torch whilst igniting it. Successfully doing so, he moves the torch down to reveal 'DREAMWORKS' and the Comcast byline in orange. He then says his catchphrase "Dun Dun DUUUNNN!!" before resting on the moon, looking at us before the screen fades out.
The Boss Baby: Family Business (2021): Same as The Boss Baby variant, but instead of panning down at the end, it brightens up into a white light.
Spirit: Untamed (2021): Once the logo is complete, it fades into the opening shot of the film.The Bad Guys (2022): The logo is initially seen in its finished form, albeit without the Moon Child and the text. Just then, a grappling hook flies up to the moon, and Mr. Wolf (from the film) climbs up the hook's rope and onto the moon before kicking off the hook and relaxing, as the text and byline fade in. The clouds slowly zoom in during all of this.Ruby Gilman, Teenage Kraken (2023): The logo plays normally, but after it's complete, it ripples and dissipates into the jellyfish creatures seen in the movie, transitioning into the opening scene.Trolls Band Together (2023): Shortly after the logo is formed, a cyan background with a white cutout of the logo appears (with a troll, drawn in the same way as the sky, replacing the Moon Child on the DreamWorks symbol). The circular area around the crescent has three separate lines on the bottom (resembling 80s/synthwave sun-like symbols). Like the previous film, the 'DREAMWORKS' text retains its normal typeface on the scrapbook page. However, the byline is strangely absent. Various details are then added to the logo: magenta and orange clouds, stars of various colors, and pink hair for the troll (making it resemble Poppy) who later winks. The text and circle also change to yellow. The theme is also low-pitched and gets remixed into the opening theme, which is the first few bars of Perfect.Orion and the Dark (2024, Netflix): The logo is drawn in white on a navy blue sketchbook page, and appears via a page turn transition from the "netflix presents" title card (which also draws itself). As the moon and 'DREAMWORKS' text are drawn, the clouds appear from both sides of the screen and several stars also fade in. The moon and text are then colored in, each with a lighter blue-violet color, just as Orion (the film's main character), also as a drawing, peeks out from behind the moon. Orion draws a light switch below the upper tip of the moon's crescent, then pulls the switch, changing the entire background to white, and the text and Orion himself become colored in. Orion walks out from behind the moon and sits down, smiling to himself while he sighs happily. The logo then turns like a page to a black background.

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DreamWorks Animation/Logo Variations/Summary (2024)
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