15 Richest Marvel Characters, Ranked By Wealth (2024)


15 Richest Marvel Characters, Ranked By Wealth (1)

By Natasha Elder



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15 Richest Marvel Characters, Ranked By Wealth (2)

Comic book characters often have a lot of gadgets, inventions, souped-up vehicles, and loaded-up secret bases to go to, both in Marvel Comics and DC Comics. The truth is that superheroing costs a lot of money. Therefore, except for rare cases, superheroes must have an abundant income source. That is why many superheroes are secretly rich, although not quite to the extent of characters like Wilson Fisk and Tony Stark.

While some have money due to their side jobs, such as Matt Murdock as an attorney, others have built up immense piles of cash due to things like inheriting money from their families, using their high intellect to create inventions to patent, or running a small country. Whether due to legal or illegal means, many characters make more money than they need that can be repurposed for their missions.

Updated on June 26, 2024, by Natasha Elder: Certain comic book characters have recently come into more money, and we wanted to update this list to more accurately reflect the current monetary standings. Additionally, we wanted to delve deeper into the characters behind the money and how they have made their impressive means.

15 Daniel Rand Does Not Care Much About Money

He is Still One of The Richest Characters in Marvel

While Danny Rand’s company, Rand Enterprises, is a company that focuses on humanitarian aid, it is also one that is a source of much of his money. Before Danny’s involvement, the company was well-known internationally for its involvement in chemical, cybernetic and pharmaceutical industries. The humanitarian aid provided by the company is also known internationally. With a net worth of $5 billion, Danny Rand has maintained a hefty sum despite not caring about money.

  • Wendell Rand and Harold Meachum found Rand Enterprises.
  • Rand Enterprises is rivals with the Roxxon Corporation.

Danny, better known as the Iron Fist, was terminated from employment due to his morality at one point. While Danny doesn’t maintain an active role in the company, he still remains a majority shareholder, earning him a regular profit. Ward Meachum, who runs the company, is a savvy businessman who ensures that Rand Enterprises does well while accounting for Danny’s moral sensibilities. However, $5 billion was barely enough for Danny to make the list.

His Company is Involved in Many Markets

15 Richest Marvel Characters, Ranked By Wealth (3)


The 30 Richest Superheroes, Ranked By Wealth

DC and Marvel's wealthiest heroes have an abundance of resources at their disposal, which they generally use to help them in their heroic duties.

Warren Worthington III, who goes by the name Archangel, is a mutant with feathered wings that allow him to fly. While he works with the X-Men under the pseudonym Angel, he also has a more villainous persona, Archangel. Ultimately, Warren is a good guy who wants to aid other heroes. He has financially supported the Defenders, X-Factor, and Champions.

  • Worthington Industries is over 150 years old.
  • The board briefly removed Warren from Worthington Industries due to his amnesia.

Warren can help fund these superhero groups due to his company, Worthington Industries. Earning about $5 billion, Warren has made a pretty penny through Worthington Industries, which creates advanced aviation technology, alternatives to fossil fuels, frozen yogurts, and newspapers. This international conglomerate is highly successful. Additionally, Warren took over the company from his family, as well as an inheritance.

13 Norman Osborn is a Brilliant Industrialist

He Manages to Retain His Wealth Even After Prosecution

15 Richest Marvel Characters, Ranked By Wealth (5)

Norman Osborn is wealthy for much the same reason as Tony Stark. He ran Oscorp, following in the footsteps of his industrialist father, Amberson Osborn. Norman built the company into a massive success, growing in power while the world was unaware that he was the psychotic Green Goblin on the side. It is through his vast fortune that Norman can fund the creation of his technology.

  • Norman studied chemistry and electrical engineering in college to become a skilled inventor.
  • Norman created the company with one of his business professors, Professor Mendel Stromm.

Even after he was defeated at the end of Siege and seemed to lose everything, Norman Osborn is too smart for that. He had his money and fortune spread all over the world, so the United States government couldn't even dent his fortune. Osborn is worth around $10 billion, so he can buy his way out of most troubles, whether legal, super or otherwise.

12 Emma Frost Is a Smart Investor

Using Her Status as an Heiress to a Fortune, Emma Increased Her Holdings

15 Richest Marvel Characters, Ranked By Wealth (6)

Emma Frost is another Marvel Comics character with immense wealth. She was the heir to the Frost fortune and used it to invest in several companies over the years, growing her wealth even further. Her psychic abilities helped her better anticipate when investments and business deals would be profitable and when they would be best left alone.

  • The Hellfire Club began as a club for Britain's wealthiest elite.
  • The Hellfire Club's aim is to control the world by influencing economic and political decisions.

She was also a member of the Hellfire Club. Given that the Hellfire Club only admits the wealthiest individuals in the world, this demonstrates her unusual wealth. In addition to the typical monetary value of Emma’s holdings, she also has the power to turn herself into a diamond, which means she is physically valuable. As for money, she has an estimated worth of $11 billion.

11 Reed Richards Is Very Inventive

His Patents Have Helped Him Build His Wealth

15 Richest Marvel Characters, Ranked By Wealth (7)

The Fantastic Four have not always been wealthy. Throughout their existence, there have been many ups and downs, including times when they almost lost everything they had. With that said, Reed Richards has one of the greatest minds in the world and has invented several groundbreaking devices. Luckily for the Fantastic Four, when someone like Richards creates something, he makes money quickly due to his new patents.

  • Reed Richards is considered the smartest man on Earth.
  • Reed prefers to examine his foes instead of rushing into fights, allowing him to take them down intelligently and quickly.

Finally, thanks to Reed taking the government's side in the first Marvel Civil War, the government returned all the money it previously seized from the superhero. Richards is now worth an estimated $12 billion, even without including shared holdings. While the shared holdings with the rest of the Fantastic Four would increase his net worth, it is clear that Richards is very wealthy in his own right.

10 Mixing Legal and Illegal Ventures Has Proven Fortuitous for Fisk

A Savvy Businessman, Fisk Has Multiple Avenues With Which to Earn Money

Wilson Fisk, otherwise known as the Kingpin, has often said that he was an impoverished child to a drug-addicted father. With that in mind, it is very impressive that Fisk has an estimated financial worth of $40 billion. Being a self-made billionaire, he is one of the few characters whose wealth wasn’t at least partially due to his family money, which has earned him the number ten spot on this list.

  • Kingpin began his journey by working his way up the ranks of organized crime.
  • At one point, Fisk was even the mayor of New York City.

Fisk earned all his money the old-fashioned way — through petty street crime, gambling, gun-running, extortion, and as a spice trader. That last one is the legitimate enterprise for Wilson Fisk. When combined, Fisk’s legal and illegal pursuits bring in a hefty sum regularly. Added to that is the fact that he never seems to remain in prison long. Hence, his income continues despite the regular interruption to his illegal operations resulting from various superheroes. Despite this, he is still only the tenth-wealthiest Marvel character.

9 Tony Stark Has Shifted His Company's Goals

But That Hasn't Slowed Down Its Earnings

15 Richest Marvel Characters, Ranked By Wealth (8)


The 15 Richest Characters in DC Comics

When examining the wealthiest DC Comics characters, it's clear that sometimes crime and crime-fighting results in some serious profit.

When looking at the richest characters in the Marvel Universe, most people immediately think of Tony Stark, otherwise known as Iron Man. While he has experienced his ups and downs throughout his life, Stark has maintained control of his family business, which has been hugely successful. Additionally, he is a genius in his own right, constantly inventing and improving upon his inventions and creating new sources of income.

  • Stark Industries was made in 1939 by Howard Stark.
  • Tony took over the company when he turned twenty-one. Until that point, Obadiah Stane was the interim CEO.

Stark Enterprises started as a weapons developer, but then Stark grew a conscience and moved his technology into other areas to help the world instead of destroy it. He is brilliant and continuously comes up with new inventions that he patents, and his wealth grows larger and larger. With a net worth of $80 billion, Tony Stark’s worth is nothing to scoff at.

8 As an Inventor of Electronics, Doctor Doom Funds His Empire

He is the Ruler of a Country And the Owner of Many Patents

15 Richest Marvel Characters, Ranked By Wealth (10)

Doctor Doom is a supervillain who, at times, is untouchable. That is because he is the monarch of the sovereign nation of Latveria. He is also a good ruler of his people and ensures no one goes hungry in his country. That is why, with rare exceptions, his people love him. He is fortunate to have built up the wealth to continue providing his people with their needs.

  • Doctor Doom has invented technology such as teleporters and inhibitor rays.
  • Doctor Doom can create force fields and emit electric shocks through his suit, further proving his technological genius.

Doctor Doom can care for his people through his personal wealth. He invented several patents in electronics and owns all his country's assets. Doom's estimated self-worth is around $100 billion, which makes sense given his status as a ruler and a genius. It is also impressive, even by Marvel character standards, fitting his confident demeanor.

7 Professor X's Power Might Benefit His Investments

His Wealth, in Turn, Benefits the X-Men

15 Richest Marvel Characters, Ranked By Wealth (11)

Charles Xavier, who is also known as Professor X, was born into a wealthy family, and he inherited the money from his family. That is why he has the money for something like the Xavier Institute, the massive mansion in a wealthy suburb. He also has enough money to develop the gizmos, tools, weapons, and vehicles the X-Men have used over the years.

  • Professor X is the founder of the X-Men.
  • Professor X's father is Dr. Brian Xavier, a nuclear scientist.

Xavier has spent a considerable amount of his fortune, but he invests smartly. The fact he is a psychic makes one wonder if all of his investments were on the up-and-up, but it has kept his worth at an estimated $125 billion. Whether or not he is using his powers to gather more information about smart investments doesn’t detract from the fact that this makes him one of the richest Marvel characters.

6 Roberto Da Costa Had to Mature to Keep His Wealth

Inheriting His Father's Company Taught Him Responsibility

15 Richest Marvel Characters, Ranked By Wealth (12)

Roberto Da Costa, otherwise known as Sunspot, is frequently seen with the X-Men as he was saved by Professor Xavier from mutant haters. He can channel solar radiation to strengthen himself. After his father passed away, he inherited his father’s empire. While he initially wasn’t ready to take on the responsibility, he matured and was able to continue the empire’s success.

  • When Roberto bought A.I.M., he re-branded the company as Avengers Idea Mechanics.
  • Roberto is the son of Emmanual de Costa and Nina de Costa.

As part of his financial activities, Roberto bought A.I.M., kicking out the Scientist Supreme in the process. Thus, it should come as no surprise that he has a net worth of $125 billion. He has used his vast wealth for the greater good, funding the New Avengers team. Clearly, he is a hero whether or not he is in a suit, as he helps the next generation of heroes.

5 Namor is the Ruler of The Ocean

He Also Owns All the Valuables that Have Accumulated

Namor the Sub-Mariner is basically the ruler of the oceans and the Prince of Atlantis. He has claimed almost everything that modern-day society has lost in the oceans. This adds up to billions of dollars worth of lost treasures he has access to that almost no one can reach. However, that is only the tip of the iceberg, as expected of the character holding the position of fifth wealthiest Marvel character.

  • Namor is the son of a human father and Atlantean Princess.
  • Namor's relationship with people of the surface world is tenuous, allying in whatever way most benefits Atlantis.

Namor also owns Oracle Inc. in corporate America, which he initially bought to inform those on Earth about their environmental impact. While he cares little about the surface world, he knows that a vast fortune will help him maintain his status in the world at large. He is worth an estimated $260 billion, so he is clearly achieving his goal of maintaining a respected status on the surface of the Earth and earning his way to the number five spot.

4 Madelyne Pryor Has Gathered Immense Wealth

Her Status as a Ruler Has Resulted in Great Wealth

15 Richest Marvel Characters, Ranked By Wealth (13)


The 20 Richest Anime Characters Of All Time, Ranked

From rulers like the Clover King to young business owners like Ciel Phantomhive, the wealthiest anime characters have more money than they can spend.

When introduced, Madelyne Pryor was greeted with suspicion given her astounding likeness to Jean Grey, who was presumed dead at the time. Additionally, Professor X was unable to access her mind nor confirm her story of being the sole survivor of a plane crash, which apparently happened at the exact same time that Dark Phoenix presumably killed herself. Eventually, it comes out that Madelyne is a clone of Jean Grey, created by Mister Sinister.

  • Limbo is a pocket universe that was previously ruled by Belasco.
  • Limbo is the center of the Splinter Realms.

Despite her status as a clone, Madelyne has made $1 trillion over the course of her existence. When Jean Grey makes her return, Madelyne ends up dabbling on the dark side of the law. She allied with the forces of Limbo, eventually becoming the queen, greatly increasing her wealth. Like Namor, Madelyne claims vast amounts of territory, although her territory spans the crossways of time and space. As a result, she rules over a vast treasure.

3 Vibranium is an Important Source of Wealth for T'Challa

He Also Holds the Key to Many Technological Advancements

15 Richest Marvel Characters, Ranked By Wealth (15)

T'Challa, whose superhero name is Black Panther, is the leader and king of the most technologically advanced country in the world. Because he rules this country, he has access to technological advancements and Vibranium. This makes Wakanda itself one of the wealthiest countries in the world. According to Marvel Comics, Vibranium is $10,000 per gram, which adds up quickly.

  • Vibranium came in the form of a meteorite 2.5 million years ago.
  • The Black Panther's powers come from a plant that mutated due to the Vibranium.

As the head of state, T'Challa has access to all this money. He proved this in the MCU when he had multiple buildings erected in the United States using his vast fortune. Black Panther's estimated worth is an incredible $500 million. While some of this money goes towards making his country better, and reaching out to others, the valuable output of Vibranium more than makes up for any losses.

2 Black Bolt Has Received Riches as the Ruler of Attilan

He Lords Over the Valuable Terrigan Crystals

15 Richest Marvel Characters, Ranked By Wealth (16)

Blackagar Boltagon, better known as his hero alias Black Bolt, has earned $100 trillion dollars throughout his comic book existence, making him one of the wealthiest Marvel characters. As the ruler of Attilan and a member of the Inhumans, Black Bolt commands numerous valuables. The fact that Inhumans are genetically altered to be stronger indicates the superior technology that he owns.

  • Black Bolt's powers are stronger than is typical of the Inhumans.
  • Black Bolt wasn't allowed to interact with others until he was nineteen due to the strength of his powers and lack of control over them.

Furthermore, he has extensive knowledge of Kree technology and access to Terrigen crystals. The Terrigan crystals are particularly relevant to his wealth on Earth, as it is one of the planet’s scarcest resources. His position as ruler ensures that he receives at least a portion of any sale of the valuable crystals, guaranteeing a continuous income that maintains his position as a wealthy Marvel character.

1 Asgardian Wealth Benefits Thor

As The Ruler of the Realm of Asgard, Thor is Incredibly Rich


10 Anime Characters Who Grew Up Wealthy

While many of these anime characters were born into wealth, they remain humble and totally selfless.

While Thor is not a character who is typically associated with incredible wealth, he is very rich. Despite his warrior focus, he is, in fact, the wealthiest Marvel character due to his background as a prince of Asgard. Asgardian wealth has been built up over multiple generations. As the Asgardians are conquerors, they have received and taken valuables from various other alien cultures, such as gems, money and expensive weapons.

  • Thor is the son of Odin, the All-Father of the Asgardians, and Jord, one of the Elder Gods.
  • Thor is Asgard's greatest warrior.

Even the look of the Asgardian palace indicates the impressive wealth that Thor has inherited through his position, which equals at least $200 trillion. With golden walls and ceilings and expansive rooms, it is clear that the Asgardian palace has wealth to spare. So, despite Thor’s humility regarding money, he has the most wealth in the Marvel universe and has rightfully earned his place in the number one spot on this list.

15 Richest Marvel Characters, Ranked By Wealth (18)

Marvel is a multimedia powerhouse encompassing comic books, movies, TV shows, and more, captivating audiences with its iconic characters, thrilling narratives, and diverse worlds. From the legendary Avengers to the street-level heroes like Daredevil, Marvel's universe is vast and ever-expanding.

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15 Richest Marvel Characters, Ranked By Wealth (2024)


Who is the richest Marvel character? ›

With golden walls and ceilings and expansive rooms, it is clear that the Asgardian palace has wealth to spare. So, despite Thor's humility regarding money, he has the most wealth in the Marvel universe and has rightfully earned his place in the number one spot on this list.

Is Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne richer? ›

Iron Man Is Richer Than Bruce Wayne

He funds various humanitarian organizations and scholarships, hoping to leave behind a better world. While Tony Stark is not the richest hero in all movie history, his net worth of $12.4 billion is higher than Bruce Wayne's and one of the highest net worths in movie history.

How rich is Kingpin? ›

A Savvy Businessman, Fisk Has Multiple Avenues With Which to Earn Money. Wilson Fisk, otherwise known as the Kingpin, has often said that he was an impoverished child to a drug-addicted father. With that in mind, it is very impressive that Fisk has an estimated financial worth of $40 billion.

Is Thor richer than Black Panther? ›

Is Thor richer than Black Panther? Possibly. It depends on how much Agardian gold/assets Thor has and there value on earth. We know Thor has massive stores of treasures However Black Panther has a ton of vibranium So its hard to say.

Who is the richest avenger in real life? ›

  • Hugh Jackman, 55. Estimated net worth: US$100 million. ...
  • Chris Pratt, 44. Estimated net worth: US$100 million. ...
  • Chris Evans, 42. Estimated net worth: US$110 million. ...
  • Bradley Cooper, 49. Estimated net worth: US$120 million. ...
  • Chris Hemsworth, 40. Estimated net worth: US$130 million. ...
  • Scarlett Johansson, 39. ...
  • Gwyneth Paltrow, 51. ...
  • Samuel L.
Feb 27, 2024

Who is Marvel's most profitable character? ›

Not only did this establish Letitia Wright's Shuri as the new Black Panther, but it also cemented every character within Wakanda as a necessary part of the MCU. Black Panther is the highest-grossing hero who only has two films under their belt, and it's clear to understand why.

Who is the richest superhero of all time? ›

However, there is one person who is much richer than him, albeit not known to the outside world. That person is T'challa, the Black Panther. His wealth was estimated to have a total of $90 trillion, due to the stockpile of vibranium that is kept in Wakanda, and the highly advanced technology they have.

Who's richer, Black Panther or Iron Man? ›

Black Panther is not only the first black superhero in a mainstream comic book series, he's also the richest. While other superheroes may derive their wealth from business or commercial interests, T'Challa has his own country.

Who is richer, Black Panther or Batman? ›

8 Black Panther - He's Wealthier

While Batman's net worth sits at around 9 billion, T'Challa sits around 90 trillion. Vibranium, the alloy that's kept Wakanda wealthy and technologically advanced for millennia, is sought after with it being said that 1 gram = $10,000.

What is Reed Richards IQ? ›

A super-genius with a 267 IQ, Reed has a super-malleable body he can stretch, compress, expand, deform, elongate, contract or otherwise reshape at will.

Is Kingpin autistic? ›


While it's debatable how much of Wilson Fisk's behavior is due to childhood trauma versus anything like autism, symptoms such as his difficulty with eye contact, preference for precise routine, and stilted speech patterns have led critics to interpret him as an autistic character.

How rich is Daredevil? ›

Daredevil isn't hyper rich, his net worth not reaching that of Tony Stark's for example, but he's still a millionaire. Murdock And Nelson is always profitable, and it afforded Daredevil the money to buy his own building in Hell's Kitchen.

What is Tony Stark's IQ? ›

Is it possible to measure it? Tony Stark's IQ is estimated at 270 which means that he is a super genius. Only 0.1% of the population comes close to that score.

Who is more rich, Aquaman or Thor? ›

It's a little unexpected that Aquaman is the richest person, but it makes sense when you consider it. Aquaman, as king of Atlantis, has control over 70% of the Earth's surface and theoretically owns everyone within the seven seas.

Who is richer, Batman or Ironman? ›

Who is wealthier—Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark? Bruce Wayne is worth 9.2 billion dollars according to Forbes'. Tony Stark: Tony Stark, otherwise known as Iron Man, narrowly edges out Wayne in the battle of billionaire playboys. His net worth is believed to be somewhere around $12.4 billion.

Who was the highest-paid Marvel character? ›

At the top of the list is Robert Downey Jr., who played the iconic role of Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He earned a whopping $75 million for his role in the franchise, making him one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood.

Who is the richest fictional character? ›

Scrooge McDuck

Top place on this list goes to Scrooge McDuck! This cartoon character is the incredibly wealthy uncle of Donald Duck, and he's typically seen wearing a very expensive-looking coat. Oh, and his net worth is about $65.4 billion!

Is Oliver Queen a billionaire? ›

In the series, Oliver, a billionaire playboy, who claimed to have spent five years shipwrecked on Lian Yu, a mysterious island in the North China Sea, returns home to Starling City (later renamed "Star City") to fight crime and corruption as a secret vigilante whose weapon of choice is a bow and arrow.

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