Implementing Order Management (2024)

Set up a connector so Order Management can communicatewith your fulfillment system.

Here's a summary of the set up.

  1. Specify how Order Management sendsthe request to the outbound connector.

    • You specify the URL that locates the outbound connector when you set up the interface.

    • You deploy the outbound connectoron a third-party application server.

    • Your information technology groupmust set up the WSDL for the outbound endpoint.

  2. Specify the business conditionsthat will route the request to the connector.

  3. The outbound connector transformsthe message into a format that your fulfillment system can understand,then sends the message to your fulfillment system. You can use anintegrated development environment, such as Oracle JDeveloper, tospecify how to do transformation.

  4. The fulfillment system sends aresponse to the inbound connector.




    The fulfillment system immediately sends the response.

    A long running task is a task that includes a waitstep in the orchestration process. An immediate response doesn't waitto process a fulfillment request that involves a long running task.Instead, it only acknowledges receipt and replies with details thatare immediately available.

    For example, assume the message requests a Booleanvalue, such as whether the customer is credit worthy or not creditworthy, and the fulfillment system already determined this value.The fulfillment system can respond immediately with the requesteddetails.


    The fulfillment system sends the response only aftera delay so it can finish the long running task.

    For example, assume the message requests a statusupdate for the Received Date attribute, which is the date that shippingdelivered the item to the customer. Shipping is normally a long runningtask that includes a pause step because shipping a physical item typicallyrequires one or more days to finish. The fulfillment system can'trespond immediately with the requested details. It must delay itsresponse while it waits for the shipping task to finish.


    • The fulfillment system might also communicate more than one update over time. To process a delayed response, you can add another entry point service in the connector, or you can set up another connector. It isn't necessary to use the interface to set up the connector that receives the message from your fulfillment system and that sends a delayed response.

    • This topic assumes you use thesame connector to send the delayed response to Order Management.

    • For examples of immediate and delayed responses, see Convert Shipment Costs to Freight Charges.
  5. To send the response, the fulfillmentsystem calls the inbound interface that you set up in Order Management.Order Management uses a single service to accept the response foreach task type. You specify the URL that locates the WSDL for theservice when you set up the connector.

  6. The connector transforms the responseinto a message that Order Management can understand, then sends itto Order Management.

Here are the task types that the connector uses inOrder Management to communicate with your fulfillment system.

Task Type



Reserve an item in inventory.


Ship the item after you reserve it.


Invoice the item after it ships.

For details about the flow you integrate, see How Data Flows Through Order Management.

Road Map to Integrating Order Management withFulfillment Systems

Do the set ups described in Implementing Order Management. The steps in bold font are particularly important regarding achieving connectivity.





Create Your Own Task Type

Specify how to process the sales order and orderlines.


Order Management Statuses


  • Set up fulfillment line status.

  • Specify how to split fulfillmentline status.

  • Update or close fulfillment linesthat remain open.


Set Up Orchestration Processes

Set up your orchestration process to determine statusconditions, status values, and fulfillment line status.


Select Fulfillment Lines for Orchestration Process Steps

Create a business rule that selects fulfillment lines,then specify whether to process them.


Connect Order Management to Your Fulfillment System

Set up a connector that enables Order Management to communicate withyour fulfillment system.


Manage Connector Details Between Order Management and Your Fulfillment System

Specify the web service that enables Order Managementto communicate with your fulfillment system.


Route Requests from Order Management to Fulfillment Systems

Specify a rule that selects your fulfillment system connector according to sales order, fulfillment line, or orchestrationprocess attribute.


Overview of Setting Up Extensible Flexfields in Order Management

Optional. If you implement an extensible flexfield,then you must set it up, deploy it, and publish it.

Implementing Order Management (2024)
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