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The day is stifling. Blaine walks through the park, grateful to find a bench in the shade where he can sit and watch Kurt wind up the days activities with a large group of children who are currently rehearsing what looks suspiciously like Grease. It's the end of Kurt's second week, and though he comes home most days moaning about getting his clothes dirty, or five year olds hanging off his legs, he has to admit to enjoying it immensely. He feels a real sense of satisfaction when he watches a little girl's confidence soar as she sings solo for the first time, or looking on as a group of boys decide they actually quite enjoy dance.

On the days he works from home, Blaine makes sure to meet Kurt when he gets out. They stroll back through the park together, sometimes with Joe, eating ice cream and talking about their days. But today Blaine feels a heaviness on his heart. He leaves in the morning to travel to Nashville where he will spend ten days recording. Kurt reassures him constantly that he will be fine, that he's a big boy who can take care of himself. Blaine knows this, of course, and although he isn't worried about Kurt's welfare, he does worry about how they're going to cope with not seeing each other for so long. He fans himself with his hat, smiling politely as a woman sits on the bench next to him.

"I love getting here early, watching them," she tells him. "My daughter is the one in the yellow dress," she says, pointing out a girl of around nine with neat little corn rows.

"Is she enjoying it?" Blaine asks, watching as Kurt starts arranging the children into lines.

"Oh she loves it," the woman nods. "And all the staff are so nice. Particularly that one," she gestures to Kurt as she speaks. "I think Jasmine is hoping marriage might be on the cards."

"He's mine," Blaine snaps, surprised by his sudden vehemence. "Uh...sorry. I mean....that's my fiancé."

"Really? Oh wow." The woman looks at him, then back to Kurt before turning to Blaine with a smile. "Forgive me. I figured you were waiting for your kid."

"No," Blaine smiles back. "I can assure you, he's perfectly legal."

The woman laughs out loud at this, patting his knee happily. "Good, good. Yeah," she says as she looks between them again. "I can see it. You make a cute couple. I'm Sandra, by the way."

"Blaine," he says warmly. "And thank you."

Another mother scoots onto the bench on the other side of Blaine at that moment, smiling apologetically. "Sorry, it's the only place with shade."

"No worries," Blaine tells her politely. They sit in silence for a while, watching as the children run through their choreography, and Blaine chuckles as he hears Kurt telling them not to take each other's eyes out.

"Which one's yours?" the woman asks.

"The tall one in the Khaki shorts," Blaine nods in the vague direction of Kurt while Sandra snorts.

"Oh." The mother looks confused as she tries to seek out which boy he means. "Oh, you mean the counsellor?"


"Oh. I didn't think you looked old enough to be his father," she smiles. "You look good. I'm Debbie, by the way. My son, Jayden, is the one on the left there, in the gray top."

Blaine nods, for some reason not feeling the need to correct her mistake, regretting it when she slides a little closer.

"I'm a single mom," she offers, as Blaine realizes to his horror that she's flirting with him. "It's tough, isn't it?"

"Uh...I wouldn't know," he says stiffly, rubbing his jaw with his left hand and hoping she'll notice the ring.

"No, of course not," she carries on obliviously. "I guess it's different being a single dad. Still tough though."

"No, no...I'm not...."

"Hey, mister!" They are interrupted by Kurt jogging toward them, ducking under the leaves of the tree before he stands in front of him, slightly breathless. "Stop flirting and come help me out here," he smiles brightly as he tugs him to his feet. "You're the one that I want."

"What? No, Kurt. Please. Just no."

"Come on. I want them all to meet you. And we can show them an example of what on stage chemistry should be like. Don't make me do it with Joe." Blaine continues to mumble his protest but still allows himself to be dragged across the park to the waiting group of children.

"Cute," Sandra says to Debbie.

"Completely adorable," Debbie agrees. "Such a lovely father son relationship. And so cute that his kid picked up that he was flirting with me!"

"Honey, that's not his son," Sandra laughs. "That's his fiancé."

Debbie turns red, clearing her throat. "Um... I think you must have that wrong. He's much older."

"He is, yes. But they are engaged. He was just telling me himself. He's wearing a ring. Plus the boy had a diamond the size of The Hope Diamond on his hand."

"That's disgusting," Debbie says angrily. "He's just a kid. What kind of parents does he have, that let their son get taken advantage of like that?"

"Excuse me?" Sandra says in disbelief. "He must be at least eighteen, all the counselors are in college. And what business is it of yours, anyway? He seemed like a nice man, you seemed perfectly smitten until you learned he was taken, and not batting for your team. Jeez! The ignorance of some people never fails to baffle me. Excuse me, I'm gonna go listen to them sing."

She stalks off angrily until she reaches the back of the group where she can see Kurt and Blaine down front, Blaine looking like he's waiting for the ground to swallow him whole.

"Okay kids!" Kurt calls. "I want you all to meet someone. This is Blaine, everyone say hi to Blaine!"

Forty kids all chorus "Hi Blaine!" as he waves and offers a weak smile.

"Is he Jacob's daddy?" a little girl asks, as a boy sat next to her with a tumble of dark curls shakes his head.

"No honey, he's not. Blaine Blaine is the man I'm going to marry," Kurt tells them all proudly. "You see this sparkly ring? Well that tells everyone," he says, with a coy grin in Blaine's direction, "that I'm going to marry him someday."

"He's really old," another child says.

"He is, yes," Kurt says as he scrunches his nose. "But you know what? He can sing really well, and he plays music too. Sometimes, after dinner, we sit down and Blaine plays the piano while we sing together."

"What is this? The wannabe Waltons?" Debbie mutters angrily as she arrives at Sandra's side.

"Do you sing love songs?" a boy asks.

"Yes, and sad songs, and silly songs, all sorts of songs. So that's why I've dragged him up here, so we can sing a song from Grease for you, and then it's home time, okay?"

The children all start nodding, clapping and talking enthusiastically as Kurt turns to offer Blaine his microphone. "Come on."

"I don't know Kurt, they're all...small."

"They'll love it. Please?"

"Anything for you," he mumbles, nodding to Joe to start playing the keyboard.

Blaine soon has all the little children laughing as he sings, twirling Kurt around and flirting teasingly with him, as Kurt plays Sandy to perfection. When they finish the kids and counsellors alike are on their feet, cheering and calling for more. Kurt holds his hands up and calls above the noise that he promises to make Blaine sing again sometime, but right now there are lots of hot and sweaty parents waiting to take their children home. He finds Blaine in the rabble, touching his fingers lightly with a soft smile.

"Thank you."

"I actually enjoyed it," he says, laughing as he gets an unexpected hug from a passing child. "They seem to appreciate a show."

"They appreciate adults who aren't afraid to make fools of themselves," Kurt corrects. "Not that you looked foolish...oh, you know what I mean."

"Uh...Kurt?" He turns to see one of the camp leaders calling across to him. "Could I have a word?"

"Sure! I'll be right back."

Blaine hangs around under a large tree, waiting for Kurt to return but when he does, his eyes are downcast and he's dragging his feet.

"Hey, you okay?"

"A parent complained about me," he says quietly.

"What? Why?"

Kurt shrugs despondently. "Dunno really, they just said it wasn't appropriate for me to get you involved and to tell everyone we were engaged. She said it was confusing for kids because...well because we're both guys and also because of your age."

"Bullsh*t," Blaine snaps angrily. "This is Chicago, not the Deep South in the nineteen fifties. Jesus Christ. What did your supervisor say? Are you in trouble?"

"No," and Kurt allows himself a small smile. "She said to ignore it, she just thought she should tell me in case the parent tries to talk to me direct about it. But other than that, she told the mother that this camp has children from all ethnic origins, religions and from various family set ups- including same sex couples. She said she thought it was cute that I got you up on stage, and told me that the kids really enjoyed it."

"So that's good, eh?" Blaine says as he nudges him with his shoulder. "Try not to worry about it my darling boy. It's one person and their narrow minded opinion. You've been nothing but professional."

"I guess. I still feel sad though. I mean...I felt so safe here, so accepted compared to Lima."

"You are. We are. It's a very accepting city, Kurt, but there are assholes everywhere."

"I'm," he stops and looks around, lowering his voice so the passing children don't hear. "I'm pissed off. It's our last night together for ten days, and I was really excited, now I just feel deflated."

"Excuse me?" The couple step apart slightly to see a dad approaching them, a baby boy on his hip and a small girl holding his hand. "Sorry to interrupt. Scarlett just wanted to say thank you for singing. She really enjoyed it. Apparently she wants to see her mom and me attempt that song at home."

"Oh," Kurt smiles in surprise and looks to the little girl. "Well thank you, Scarlett. I'm glad you enjoyed it."

"We all did," the man smiles. "Even this one was bouncing along," he says as Blaine holds the baby's little hand. "Good job."

"Agreed," another voice chimes in, and Blaine turns to find Sandra smiling at them both. "See, Lauren. I told you they were a cute couple."

"The gay ones always are," her friend sighs. "But you two look so good together, and your singing voices are just wonderful. Kurt, could I see your ring? I keep seeing it flash as you move your hand."

"Sure," he beams as he holds his hand out.

"Oh my word! Mary-Ann!" she calls as another parent joins the growing crowd, "Mary-Ann, look at that ring."

"Well that is just divine," she coos. "Kurt, you are a lucky man. You too, mister," she says as she looks at Blaine. "Take care of him. My Jamie talks of nothing but Kurt and Joe at home. They've really made his summer special."

"Well he's really made my life special so...yeah," Blaine finishes shyly as the women around him emit a chorus of "ahh's"

"Um, if you'll excuse us," Kurt says politely. "Blaine is going away on business tomorrow, so we're gonna head off to spend some time together..."

They say their goodbyes, earning them another round of hugs from kids and parents alike, before they head off across the park.

"Assholes everywhere," Blaine says once they're out of earshot. "But also some pretty amazing people too."

"I felt like a celebrity," Kurt says, bubbly and happy with laughter once more as he takes Blaine's hand in his.

"You loved it, didn't you?"

"Yeah I did," he grins. "It's like, whenever anyone says 'can I see your engagement ring?' I'm like 'Oh, this ole thing?' But inside I'm flailing like a dying giraffe."

"What a beautiful analogy," Blaine teases, drawing them both to a halt so he can look into Kurt's eyes. "Are we far enough away for a kiss now?"

Kurt smiles sweetly, placing a long, lingering kiss to his lips. "I'm not ashamed of you, you know."

"I know," Blaine tells him honestly. "I understand."

"It's the opposite. I'm ridiculously proud to be seen with you."

"I know that, too," Blaine smiles, staring at the floor as he speaks quietly. "I know I was reluctant at first, but when you got me on stage and told everyone there that I was the man you're going to marry... Everything in me soared."

"Wanna go home and make out like horny teenagers?"

"Well one of us can still fit that description, so why not?"


"f*ck," Blaine rolls off Kurt and onto his back, panting hard. "I am completely incapable of keeping any kind of make out session with you chaste in any way. You are too damn talented with that tongue of yours."

"I wasn't aware we needed to keep things chaste," Kurt says, propping himself on one elbow to look down at him. His fingers trail along the sliver of skin exposed where Blaine's top has ridden up. "I believe we're both adults."

"I know," Blaine says, pausing to let out a soft moan as Kurt's fingers move to trace the outline of his steadily hardening co*ck. "But I want to cool off a moment." It takes great willpower and determination to move Kurt's hand, but he does, lacing their fingers together instead. "Otherwise I'll just end up pinning you down and f*cking your brains out."

"Well isn't that nice?" Kurt says dryly. "Ever the romantic."

"That's just it though, I want to be. I want tonight to be about romance rather than lust."

"Okay. I get ya," Kurt says with a kiss to his cheek. "I'm gonna go take a shower, I'm all sticky."

"I'll start dinner."

"Ugh. Too hot to cook," Kurt says as he heads to the bathroom.

"We don't have to cook. We have bread and cheese. I think there's some prosciutto left too."


"We always have olives."

"Sounds good to me."

"You have no shirt on," Blaine remarks when Kurt walks into the kitchen twenty minutes later, just in a pair of tailored gray shorts.

"I know. How very daring of me." He walks over to where Blaine stands at the counter fixing a salad. Sliding his arms around his waist from behind, he drops a soft kiss to the back of his neck, tugging lightly at the hem of his polo. "Take yours off."

"Can't," Blaine tells him. "Cause then you'll press your bare chest against my back, causing me to let out some kind of embarrassing mewling sound, and then I'll slice my finger instead of these tomatoes."

"You feel so nice though," Kurt tries, running his hand under the shirt and over Blaine's stomach, up toward his chest.

The knife lands on the chopping board with a clatter as Blaine grips the counter tightly, leaning his head back onto Kurt's shoulder as his breath fans over his neck. "Oh god," he moans quietly. ""

"Hmm?" Kurt runs his tongue over the salty skin behind Blaine's ear.

"Eat. We should....we should eat."

"Kiss me," Kurt demands hotly as his fingers turn Blaine's chin back toward him.

Turning his head, Blaine gives in, whimpering loudly as they kiss, tongues winding together. Kurt keeps one hand tight across Blaine's waist, the other up and under his polo, smoothing firmly over his chest, up and up until he's cupping his throat lightly. Blaine can feel the outline of Kurt's hard co*ck pushing in between his cheeks as his own erection is rubbing up against the edge of the counter until Kurt's hand leaves his throat to cup him there instead, squeezing lightly.

"Holy sh*t!" Blaine gasps, breaking their kiss to throw his head back onto Kurt's shoulder once more. "f*ck, Kurt....."

"We should eat," Kurt tells him, and suddenly he is gone, sauntering across the room to the refrigerator, being sure to bend low as he reaches inside for the cheese.

"Uhhhhh," Blaine moans, as his head drops onto his folded arms in defeat. "That was...."

"Hot," comes the sudden voice in his ear, making him jump. "But you're right, we can take our time."

"I don't think I want to anymore," comes his muffled voice as he continues to lean on the counter.

"Yeah you do. Come on. Let's eat."

"Go outside," Blaine says with a wave of his hand, "it's cooler now. Do you want wine?"

"Sure, why not?"

They bustle about, setting food and drink on the small balcony table then settling together on the rattan corner sofa they recently bought.

"You lost your shirt too, I see," Kurt comments as Blaine falls down next to him. "Nice."

"Look but don't touch," Blaine teases. "We need to eat and drink."

"To us," Kurt offers a toast with his glass as he grins. "May we not miss each other too much."

"You will miss me a little bit though, right?"

"More than a little," Kurt corrects. "But I don't want to miss you so much that we end up miserable."

"Will you be okay?" Blaine asks with concern.

"Of course," he says brightly. "Joe's family are visiting this weekend, and I'm going for dinner with them on Saturday, and Dad is gonna come visit for a couple of days too."

"Father and son bonding time," Blaine smiles.

"Yeah. You know, it always used to be just us. It was almost insufferable at times- especially during middle school when I didn't really have any friends. It was always just me and dad. And now there's this huge family....which is great, don't get me wrong, but I never want to lose that closeness with him either."

"I know what you mean. And I agree. You shouldn't have to. It's like Wes and I. When we visit home now there's everyone clamouring to see us- which is great- but I miss those times where it was just us two bickering over who ate the most pizza."

"You should see if he wants to visit you in Nashville this weekend," Kurt suggests.

"Maybe. If he can tear his eyes away from Kathy for long enough."

"What's going on there? Are they dating yet?"

"Ha! No. It will take Wes approximately six years to gather enough courage to ask her out."

"Bless. He's really smitten, huh?"

"I think he's head over heels," Blaine muses as he sips his wine. "And from what he tells me, I'd say she likes him too. But Wes has even less confidence in himself than I do in me."

"Has he ever had a girlfriend?"

"One. In college. Maria, her name was, she was this cute little Italian exchange student and they were together for nearly a year. But then she went back to Italy and that was that."

"That's sad."

"Yeah, he was pretty cut up for a while. But then this mess happened," he says, gesturing to himself, "and he was too preoccupied for a love life."

"I don't think he views it that way," Kurt says as he runs a reassuring hand over his leg. "But Wes is a good guy. He deserves to meet someone."

"He does," Blaine agrees. "My dearest wish is to see him married to someone who can appreciate him like he deserves."

"So....we might have to intervene here?"

"We just might," Blaine smiles.

"When you get back?"

"When I get back......Ugh, Kurt, why am I going?"

"Because Kenny Rogers needs someone to play guitar for him?"

"I know," Blaine moans as he slumps back against the cushions. "But we won't see each other for ten days."

"And it will suck, but you know? There was a time- not so long ago- where we just used to date. Nothing more. Occasionally I was allowed to sleep over but that was it. And you used to travel a lot. We can do this. It's good to have some time apart every now and then." Taking Blaine's glass, he sets it on the table before taking him in his arms, kissing into his hair. "Just remember to bring me back a gift."

"I will." Blaine pauses to look up at him, one hand cupping his jaw. "You're so beautiful."

Kurt bends to rub their noses together before inclining his head and kissing his lips tantalisingly slowly- pulling back when Blaine chases for more. "Hey!" Blaine protests, grabbing Kurt around his waist and pulling him into his lap. "I need more than that." They kiss deeply, slowly and with gentle hands framing faces before Kurt pulls back once more to rest their foreheads together.

"I love you," Kurt says as he turns so he's resting his back against Blaine's chest and they look out at the lights of Chicago and Lake Michigan beyond "I love living here with you."

"It's pretty perfect," Blaine agrees as he kisses his shoulder. "The view is quite spectacular."

"It really is. Dusk is my favorite," Kurt says, sighing happily as Blaine massages his shoulders. "When all the lights first come on and you can still see the sun setting."

"I was talking about you."

"Oh." Blaine can tell Kurt is smiling from the way his ears move, and he can't resist scraping his teeth lightly over his back. "Mmm that feels good," Kurt says quietly.

"You taste good," Blaine murmurs as he kisses over his back. His fingers tease along the waistband of his shorts. "Oh god I want you so much."

"Blaine," Kurt's voice comes as a broken whimper when Blaine's hand slips down the back of his shorts, making his intentions clear.

Deftly unbuttoning his fly, Blaine reaches inside, chuckling into Kurt's neck when he realizes he's not wearing underwear. Taking his co*ck in hand, he strokes Kurt slowly, moaning happily as he feels him becoming rigid with want. Kurt reaches behind him, one hand finding the back of Blaine's neck and pulling him closer. Continuing his ministrations, Blaine moves his mouth to Kurt's neck, sucking a dark hickey just below his collarbone where he knows no one but Kurt will see.

"Someone might see... One of the neighbours," Kurt whispers when Blaine's hands start to tug his shorts down.

"They just might," Blaine agrees. "Wanna stop?"


Blaine can't help but laugh quietly when Kurt produces a bottle of lube from under the cushion, and he quickly pulls his own shorts off. As discreetly as he can with a naked man sitting sideways in his lap, Blaine slicks his fingers and runs the pad of his thumb over Kurt's entrance, who buries his face in Blaine's neck to try and stifle his moans of pleasure. His fingers dig hard into Blaine's back when he adds a second, his other hand working between them to grasp Blaine's co*ck, running his thumb over the head before sucking it into his mouth to taste the precome. He turns in his lap then, so he's straddling Blaine's thighs facing out, both of them looking over the skyline. The frosted glass panels across the front of the balcony mean that if anyone were to look up to the second floor they would only see a blurred outline, but still it is rather thrilling as Blaine holds tight to Kurt's waist and pushes inside.

"Oh god," Kurt moans. "That's so good."

"Ride me Kurt," Blaine whispers, his voice hot and heavy in Kurt's ear. "Let me see you take me over and over again."

Nodding his agreement, Kurt rests his hands on Blaine's knees and rides him slowly, grinding down onto his co*ck as it fills him repeatedly. Blaine kisses over Kurt's back then rests his face against him, holding him tight, keeping him close. One hand travels down to hold Kurt's dick, stroking in time with Kurt's slow rhythm, twisting around the head lightly.

"Blaine," Kurt moans loudly, throwing his head back, his eyes screwed tight with pleasure. "Stop a minute," he says as he stills Blaine's hand. "I'm not ready for it to be over yet. I need more of you."

He twists as far round as he can, driving his tongue into Blaine's mouth in a sloppy kiss as they continue to move together slowly, never rushing as Blaine hooks his chin over Kurt's shoulder. "I love you, my darling. I love you so much."

"Yes," Kurt pants softly as he leans forward slightly, deepening Blaine's angle to graze over his prostate. "God I wanna stay like this forever."

"You look so good, taking my co*ck," Blaine groans. "Oh Kurt, you were just....made for me."

Time passes, ten minutes, maybe fifteen of slow rocking together, with Kurt leaning back to kiss Blaine's lips every now and then, and Blaine pressing his face to Kurt's back in between. This time, when Blaine begins to work Kurt's co*ck, he doesn't stop him, reaching around to hold the back of his neck once more as he comes silently, clenching tight around Blaine who follows immediately. Slowly they cease their rhythm and Blaine slides out carefully, leaning back into the corner of the couch and pulling Kurt into his arms.

"You blow my mind," he says, his grin dazzling in the darkness as he looks down to where Kurt rests his chin on his chest.

"I'm really gonna miss you," Kurt admits quietly, playing with his chest hair as he speaks. "I know I'm gonna wake up every day, sad because you're not there."

"I told you, I'll bring you back a gift," Blaine tells him with a kiss to his forehead.

"Just bring yourself back, Blaine. That's always enough for me."

All For You - Chapter 15 - MrsCriss2012 (2024)
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